TOWARDS AN URBAN ECOSYSTEM - Visions for a Sustainable City

The "TOWARDS AN URBAN ECOSYSTEM. Visions for a Sustainable City" competition notice is online. This international call for proposals for students and young architects has the pourpose of awarding two scholarships for the Master in ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN.

The Master was created by IED Rome in collaboration with the National Institute of Architecture (IN/ARCH), which is recognized as being a Special Scientific Institute by the MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research). The objective is to train professional experts in the field of environmental design by providing them with the skills needed to imagine a different conscious and responsible type of habitat.

The competition invites young architects and graduates to reflect collectively on the issue of a new ecology for urban development by formulating visions, ideas or design proposals for the redevelopment of their own city. This is to be accomplished through three simple digital cards that can travel on a global level to tell the world how our cities could be different, more beautiful, more correct and more in balance with the rest of our living planet.

The Master trains designers to address the complexities of the contemporary city by promoting a true ecology of urban development through two different areas of specialization: Sustainable Urban Design and Landscape Design. These two areas of specialization share the same preparatory aims: to acquire theoretical and practical skills related to the concepts of sustainability, ecology, territory, ecological footprint, renewable energy, bioclimatic design, sustainable mobility and water managment and urban agriculture. Subsequently, the area of expertise offered by the course in Sustainable Urban Design concentrates on the following specializations: designing renewable energy plants, analyzing the thermo-fluid dynamic of buildings and urban systems and developing a design method that is based on both architecture and energy simulation. And, the area of expertise offered by the Landscape Design course focuses on the following specializations: botany, geography, aesthetic and contemporary art, landscape history and design.

Send IED Rome the three proposals by February 15, 2011, to participate in this competition.

The evaluation commission will be composed of Alberto Iacovoni (Director of IED Rome), Marialuisa Palumbo (Master Coordinator), Massimo Locci (Secretarial Coordinator of IN/ARCH) and of the professors in charge of the Master in Environmental Design: Mauro Annunziato (ENEA), Luca Galofaro (IaN+) and Lorenzo Romito (Stalker).

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